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Evolution 2013


On-Site Childcare Services

Professional childcare services will be provided by Summer Camp Snowbird on-site at the Cliff Lodge in the Snowbird Alpine Village. Attendees who wish to use the childcare services will sign up with the Summer Camp Snowbird web site (use the link provided below).  Childcare will be available from 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM during the conference on June 22-25 (divided into morning and afternoon sessions). Thanks to the generosity of Oxford University Press and the sponsoring societies (ASN, SSB, and SSE), attendees will be charged 50% of the costs listed below. 

On-Site Childcare Rates:

Ages 4-12: Camp Snowbird
Full Day*:
1 Day - First Child Rate of $60.00 per day, Second Child $50.00
3 Days - First Child Rate of $162.00, Second Child $140.00
4 Days - First Child Rate: $ 216/child ($54/day), Second Child $184.00
Half Day rate of $30.00 per day. Second Child $25.00 (half day for morning only)

*Additional fees may be charged for pay-activities.  For example, if the activities for the day include the alpine slide then there will be an additional charge of $5/child so each child can ride twice ($2.50 per ride).

Ages 2-3, Camp Snowbird Nursery, Toddlers
Full Day Price: $90
Half Day Price: $72
(half day for morning only)

Ages 6 weeks-24 months
Full Day: $99
Half Day: $80
(half day for morning only)

Private Babysitting
(please call (801) 933-2256 to arrange for private sits)
One child: $22 per hour with a 3-hour minimum.
Additional child: $2 with a four-child/sitter maximum.

Register for Childcare:

By email: (please put 'Evolution 2013' in the subject line)
By phone: (801) 933-2256