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Evolution 2013

Field Trips and Activities

All field trips will take place on Monday afternoon. Trips will leave from the parking area just outside the lower floor of Cliff Lodge near the valet parking station. The afternoon trips will depart at 12:30 PM and return by 7:00 PM. All field trips have limited capacity so sign up early to reserve a spot. You will have the option to sign up for field trips and excursions when you register for the meeting. See the Registration information page for more details. 

Daily Activities

Morning Bird Walks - Saturday through Tuesday 6:30 AM

Birds are abundant in the aspen woodlands and meadows just across the river from the village.  Whether you are a first-timer or experienced birder you will enjoy the morning excursion and an opportunity to see some of the more beautiful birds of the area.  Species that you are likely to encounter include MacGillvray's Warbler, Swainson's Thrush, Mountain Bluebird, Warbling Vireo, Western Tanager, Broad-Tailed Hummingbird, Mountain Chickadee, and Pine Siskins.  A limited quantity of lender binoculars may be available, but if you have a pair then please bring them. Meet at the EVENT TENT.. No registration required. 

Alpine VillageTram

The Snowbird Resort offers numerous opportunities for relaxing and enjoying the views from patios, terraces, and indoor lounges. Swimming pools, tennis courts, a spa, fishing pond, and playground.  With an activity pass you will have access to the alpine slide, Zip Rider, bungy trampoline and more facilities available within the village. The Aerial Tram will take you up to the top of Hidden Peak at 3353 m (11,000 ft). From there you can hike, bike or ride the tram or  Peruvian Quad ski lift back down to the village.
Activity passes and tram tickets will be available to meeting attendees at a discounted rate for the duration of the meeting.

Monday Afternoon Excursions- Pre-Registration Required

Shuttle Service to Cecret Lake and
Cecrete Lake

Catherine's Pass Trail Head

Cecret Lake and Catherine's Pass. These are the "must do" hikes for summer visitors to Snowbird.The trail heads for both hikes are located just up the canyon from the village of Alta. From the Snowbird conference area it is a little over a mile to the end of a paved road which then becomes a gravel road (easily navigable by an ordinary car) and it is a further 1.5 to 2 miles to the trail-heads. Normally the gravel road is open to vehicular traffic, though heavy winter snowfall may delay its opening. There will be free shuttle service from the conference center to the trail heads or to the end of the paved road depending on snow conditions.

To reach Cecret Lake: follow the gravel road until it ends at the campground and from there follow the trail to the west and up to the lake. A short hike takes you up to a spectacular lake tucked into a glacial cirque. From the village it's a short walk or drive up to the trail head - as far as you can drive up the road. Continue walking up the road to the campground and then follow the trail to the west and up to the lake.

For Catherine's Pass, prior to the campground, at the terminus of the ski-lifts, there are public bathrooms and an alternate hike to Catherine's Pass and associated alpine lakes. It is the first parking area before you come into the Albion Basin Campground area. You will be able to see the trail climbing to the east of the parking lot. After passing through the meadows the trail takes a short climb to Catherine Pass at an elevation of 10,240 ft. The trail you are standing on is now part of the Great Western Trail. From Catherine Pass the trail descends into Big Cottonwood Canyon. Another half a mile and you will be hiking past lakes Mary, Martha, and Catherine. . 

Catherine's Pass Botanical Hike

There will be a guided botanical hike to Catherine's Pass leaving the Snowbird Conference area via shuttle bus at 1:30 PM and returning via shuttle at 6:00 PM (eat your lunch prior to the hike).
Registration is required and seats are limited. 

Birds and Wildlife of Antelope Island

AntelopeAntelope Island is a one-hour drive north of Salt Lake City. There is excellent birding along the causeway where it crosses a shallow region of the Great Salt Lake. Here you can view thousands of shorebirds including avocets, cormorants, herons, willets, and a variety of ducks and gulls. The island is occupied by populations of American bison and pronghorn as well as a good diversity of plants and birds. Bird species you are likely to encounter include California quail, chukars, kingbirds, shrikes, meadowlarks, and black-throated sparrows. You will be accompanied by an experienced birder who is familiar with the best birding locations in the area. A limited number of lender binoculars may be available, so please bring a pair if you have some. Whether you are a first-timer or an experienced birder you will enjoy the diversity of wildlife and the spectacular views. 
Registration is required and seats are limited - $30.00

Botanical Tour: Halophytes of Big Spring Cancelled

Guided trip of the incredible halophytes at Big Spring on the northern tip of the Stansbury Mountains (elev. 4,223 ft.) in the West Desert of Utah, south of Timpie Springs Wildlife Management Area. The temperatures will be hot in areas with little cover. Special personal gear would include a hat, walking stick, a good supply of water, personal snack/energy food items, jacket, sturdy hiking/walking footwear, sun screen and sun glasses.
Registration is required and seats are limited - $30.00

Red Butte Garden and Rio Tinto Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum of Utah at the Rio Tinto Center is located just east of downtown Salt Lake City on the University of Utah campus. This beautiful new facilty houses a number of exhibits of local natural history and archeology. The Red Butte Garden is adjacent to the museum. Excellent opportunities for nature viewing and hiking with trail heads originating at the museum.
Registration is required and seats are limited - $30.00

Downtown Salt Lake City and Temple Square

Temple Square is located in downtown Salt Lake City and offers numerous venues for shopping and sight-seeing. This is world head quarters for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Lots of opportunities for shopping, dining, and learning about the pioneer history of the region. Temple Square has a number of attractions including the Church History and Family History Library.  You can also visit the Family Tree Center to discover your ancestors with the help of expert family history specialists. You are able to search over 650 million names from around the world using FamilySearchâ„¢ Internet Genealogical Service on the center's computer FREE of CHARGE.
Registration is required and seats are limited - $30.00