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Evolution 2013

Information for presenters

****All submitted presentations are automatically accepted.  If you require a letter of acceptance or a letter of invitation, please contact Johanne Strogan at

Presenter instructions

Conference participants intending to present either a talk or a poster at Evolution 2013 will be required to register for the conference and submit details of their presentation with their registration. Presentation title submission deadline is April 19th 22nd.

Please note that presenters will be limited to one Regular Oral Presentation, one Lightning Oral Presentation and one Poster, You may be a non-presenting coauthor on other presentations. This rule includes invited speakers and speakers participating in symposia.

During the talk submission process presenters will be asked to choose a presentation type (symposium, regular oral presentation, lightning talk, poster, etc.) and to submit a descriptive title. On the next screen options will be provided to identify a session or symposium title, and then you will be asked for keywords for your talk or poster. This selection is very important, as it will be used to sort papers into sessions and will help other attendees find your presentation based on its content - the entire program will be available as a searchable network resource.  A list of the session titles available is available HERE, but presenters can create their own list of keywords.  Note that session titles will be used to create sessions, and some of these may be split into multiple sessions or combined with other sessions on similar topics. Organization of talks within sessions will follow conceptual and organismal themes based on keywords and titles. 

Abstracts are not required for presentations unless you are applying certain society-sponsored student awards.  More information on society-sponsored student awards can be found here.

To submit your Talk or Poster title use the link HERE.

Oral presentation details

Regular Oral Presentations

Regular presentations will last 15 minutes; 12 minutes for the talk and three minutes for questions. Regular sessions are limited so submissions may be cut off before the deadline if sessions become filled. 

Lightning Talks

Lightning presentations will last 5 minutes; 4 minutes for the talk and one minute for questions.  Presenters are encouraged to use automatic slide-change timings to keep their talks on schedule. Lightning talk sessions will be held only on Monday Morning. More information about lightning talks can be found here.


Every conference room will have a computer projector and a PC laptop* running Windows and Microsoft Office. Presenters are required to bring their presentation on a flash drive or a CD, and load their presentation on the session laptops at the conference break before their session. Volunteer AV monitors will be available to provided assistance with media needs. Available formats for presentations include Microsoft PowerPoint and Adobe PDF.
    *Presentation computers will not have internet access so cloud-based presentations are not possible.  Presenters are advised to plan accordingly. 

Presenter preparation rooms will be available to test or run-through your presentation.

Poster sessions

Dimensions for poster display panels are 1.2 m by 1.2 m (4 feet by 4 feet). Poster presenters will be assigned to one of the three poster sessions. Pushpins will be provided on site for each poster session. Key words will be used to group posters focusing on similar topics. Both poster sessions will be held in the evening in conjunction with social mixers that include snacks, beer, wine and non-alcoholic beverages.

Poster Schedule*
Session A - Saturday 8:00 AM - 9:00 PM (Reception** begins at 7:00 PM)
Session B - Sunday 8:00 AM - 9:00 PM (Reception** begins at 7:00 PM)
Session C - Monday 8:00 AM - 9:00 PM (Reception** begins at 7:00 PM)
*Please leave your poster displayed for these entire periods.
**Presenters are expected to be in attendance at their posters during the reception.